‘Canada: Embedding Systemic Racism in Immigration’

The Canadian government continues to expand and embed systemic racism in all of its practices:

The IRCC embraces critical race theory {Racism} with its new ‘anti-racism’ plan.”

“In a corporate plan for an ‘anti-racist’ “systems change”, Canada’s immigration ministry says it isn’t fair to treat people equally regardless of background. Instead, people should be treated according to their level of ‘innate privilege’.

“In other words, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has embraced ‘Critical Race Theory’ — or ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ (DEI), as it’s {disingenuously} called in practice — with a plan called ‘Anti-Racism Strategy 2.0’ {See below}. It openly signals a shift to the ideological Left

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‘More Systemic Racism in Education’

Racist commission congratulates school board for their systemic racism:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has endorsed the Peel District School Board’s (PDSB) new ‘anti-racism’ {anti-‘White’} policy which was implemented last month.

In a letter to PDSB’s director of education, Rashmi Swarup {an East Indian immigrant}, OHRC Chief Commissioner Patricia DeGuire congratulated board staff for their work on the policy.

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‘Canadian Universities Replace Merit With Race and Gender Quotas’

More evidence that discrimination on the basis of Race and Sex is becoming the norm in Canada, rendering us one of the most backwards and regressive nations in the Western world: 

It’s suggesting that they could not make it on their own merit. This is the height of racism. This is an incredibly racist policy, to say that someone who was a ‘person of colour’ could not compete on their own competency and merit.”

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‘No Race-Based Education’

“Canadian aboriginal elites are now demanding more than just the maintenance of their control over educational financial assistance for aboriginal youth. They’re demanding complete control over the entire aboriginal education system itself! 

“Unfortunately, when considering the causes of low academic achievement on the part of aboriginal youth, it is apparently ‘verboten’…to ever publicly ask or debate whether or not the “separate but equal” status quo might be contributing to this disastrous situation (THAT might threaten egos, funding, control over funding, and Indian industry jobs). Rather…their solution is for Canada and the provinces to pour more money into the existing dysfunctional situation, and to give aboriginal elites more control over it…”
–Peter Best

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‘‘Black’ Fragility Is Racist’

“The ‘black’ fragility of…#BlackLivesMatter isn’t rational, it’s racist. Its exaggerated sense of peril is really prejudice. When a ‘white’ man suspects any random ‘black’ man of being out to get him, he’s a racist. When a ‘black’ man suspects any random ‘white’ man of being out to get him, he’s just being #BlackLivesMatter.”

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‘Say ‘NO’ to Segregation’

“It may be true that you can’t legislate integration, but you can legislate desegregation. Old Man Segregation is on his deathbed… But history has proven that social systems have a great last-minute breathing power, and the guardians of the status quo are always on hand with their oxygen tents, to keep the old order alive…
If democracy is to live, segregation must die.”
–Martin Luther King

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