‘‘Black’ Fragility Is Racist’

“The ‘black’ fragility of…#BlackLivesMatter isn’t rational, it’s racist. Its exaggerated sense of peril is really prejudice. When a ‘white’ man suspects any random ‘black’ man of being out to get him, he’s a racist. When a ‘black’ man suspects any random ‘white’ man of being out to get him, he’s just being #BlackLivesMatter.”

“‘Black’ racist activists and their ‘white’ Leftist allies like to talk up “White Fragility”, which means that…‘white’ people are so insulated from ‘critical dialogues’ about Race that they get upset when those women, who are actually working on their PhDs in ‘critical race theory’, loudly accuse them of ‘white supremacy’.

“Or as the official definition goes, “call them out” for their ‘white privilege’.

“That’s what Eric Holder meant when he accused Americans of being a “nation of cowards” when it comes to Race. The former Attorney General and future drug cartel lobbyist was referencing “White Fragility”. ‘White’ Americans were just fragile cowards, unwilling to admit their guilty ‘white privilege’.

“But if any group is fragile when it comes to racial dialogues, it isn’t ‘white’ people. It certainly isn’t your average melanin-challenged cisgender heterosexual who has to dive into a safe space or demand censorship the moment that he encounters a dissenting view.

Political correctness is a culture of fragility for minority groups. Every member of a political identity group is a fragile survivor who veers from outraged protests to panic attacks. And any minority who doesn’t act like a manic-depressive twit is a traitor who is no longer a part of his “community”.

“To be a true member of the political identity community is to be both angry and fragile.

“The hysteria of #BlackLivesMatter embodies angry and fragile. Its members shriek that they’re being murdered on every corner, while behaving in ways that would get anyone else murdered. Their racist tantrums are justified by their racial fragility. Their victimhood entitles them to victimize others.

That is ‘black privilege’ which is based on false claims of black fragility.

“Ta-Nehisi Coates, whose latest memoir sits on every good liberal’s bookshelf, takes ‘black’ fragility to new lows. In his world, “black bodies” are constantly being victimized by “white supremacy”. Even the 9/11 firefighters are “not human to him” because they could “with no justification — shatter my body”.

“Why would the FDNY set out to shatter Ta-Nehisi Coates’ body? The ‘black’ fragility of Coates or #BlackLivesMatter isn’t rational, it’s racist. Its exaggerated sense of peril is really prejudice. When a ‘white’ man suspects any random ‘black’ man of being out to get him, he’s a racist. When a ‘black’ man suspects any random ‘white’ man of being out to get him, he’s just being #BlackLivesMatter.

“‘White’ criminals go to jail. ‘Black’ criminals are victims of “mass incarceration”. ‘White’ criminals just get shot. But when ‘black’ criminals are killed, it’s genocide.

“A ‘white’ man who knocks over a convenience store and then dies after getting in a fight with a cop, is a statistic. A ‘black’ man inspires protests, t-shirts, riots, an Obama investigation and bad hashtags.

“There’s a reason #BlackLivesMatter activists hate the rival hashtag #AllLivesMatter. If all lives matter equally, then the rationale for turning random ‘black criminals’ like Michael Brown into causes comes apart. It’s only by elevating ‘black’ lives above ‘white’ lives that the facts of the case stop mattering, and it’s only the cult of ‘black’ fragility that turns the tribal emotions of its activists into a political cause.

“‘Black’ fragility says that real ‘black’ people are victims who are afraid all the time. Its protests are exercises in hysterical ‘black’ fragility in which to be ‘black’ is to constantly live on the edge of death. America is a ‘white’ supremacist country out to kill ‘black people’, before electing one of them President.

“And you are either a fragile, angry ‘black’ activist yelling in panic about the police being out to shoot you while blocking traffic on the interstate, or you are one of the Race traitors trying to get to work and wishing the activists would get out of the way and get a real job…

“Forget hope. Fragility is all about fear and hate. All ‘black’ people are victims. All ‘white’ people are oppressors. All women are victims and all men are oppressors. An oppressor can ally with the oppressed only if he recognizes his privileged role. Any space that doesn’t recognize this dynamic is a ‘space of privilege’.

“And fragile minorities need a safe space to go back to after protesting those privileged spaces.

“Social justice warrior activists define a space. Then, they campaign to take it over while treating any criticism or opposition as a threat to their collective identities and their fragile, politicized “bodies”.

“The term “social justice warriors” is ironic because SJWs make a fetish of their fragility. Challenge an SJW and it immediately runs to a safe space to play victim. The SJW cyberbullies opponents when it has a numerical advantage on social media, and whines to the press about being terrorized when it doesn’t.

“…Identity politics fragility depends on this narcissistic overdramatizing, in which every activist is a survivor and a victim.

“Assertions of fragility end every discussion about SJW causes, because fragility has become the cause. Every campaign is really about the fragility of the activist. The facts don’t matter and don’t even exist. Debate doesn’t happen. Criticism is something that activists “endure” on their way to achieving their goals. The focus is never on the ideas, but on the suffering of the activists as they struggle to be heard… despite enjoying a total monopoly on the news and editorial side of every mainstream media outlet.

Fragility isn’t a cause, it’s a cult. Like most cults, it fills true believers with the conviction that the outside world is evil and that they are vulnerable because of their unique sensitivity. Its safe spaces are cult spaces in which believers reinforce their programming and their fear of the outside world.

“Like most cults, fragility doesn’t teach love. It programs hate and fear.

‘Black’ fragility is a racist cult that disrespects both ‘white’ and ‘black’ people. It tells ‘black’ people that to be authentic, they must be afraid. It tells ‘white’ people that they are evil because of their skin color. It offers a blatantly-racist narrative in which all ‘black’ problems can be reduced to ‘white’ people, which is why it disregards the killing fields of gang violence to focus on ‘black’ criminals who are shot by ‘white’ cops.

“‘Black’ fragility denies ‘black’ equality. It says that ‘black’ people can’t compete with ‘white’ people for jobs or college admissions. That they can’t be expected to live by the same laws as ‘white’ people. That minorities can’t even participate in dialogues on the same terms as everyone else without invoking fragility terms like “White Privilege”, or demanding politically-correct censorship so comprehensive that it’s indistinguishable from political repression.

“We can have equality or fragility, racial progress or racial fragility, but we can’t have both.

“‘Black’ people are not as fragile as #BlackLivesMatter, Eric Holder or Ta-Nehisi Coates would like ‘white’ liberals to believe. It’s the cause of the Leftist radical activists that is fragile because it depends on infantilizing ‘black’ people and all political identity group minorities as victims who endure, rather than achieve; who struggle, rather than thrive; who need safe spaces even when they’re in the White House.

“‘Black’ fragility is the real war on ‘black’ people. It’s a war on their dignity and their self-sufficiency. It’s a war waged against their equality. You can never be equal if you’re always angry and afraid.”

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage, September 1, 2015

See also:
Black Lives Matter’s Communist Roots{Oct. 2, 2020}:
“‘Black Lives Matter’ co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly-surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation… Cullors, 36, was the protégé of Eric Mann, former agitator of the ‘Weather Underground’ domestic terror organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology…”

Immigrant Minister Supports Racist Funding’ (’Black’-only Funding) {Jan.19, 2021}:
When you put an immigrant with little understanding of Canadian values in charge of a federal ministry, this kind of ignorant racist nonsense is not a surprise. This particular fool has stirred up racial issues with both Cabinet appointments that he has received. Coming from a backwards, dysfunctional country like Somalia {He has only been in Canada since 1993}, this is not unexpected.
P.S. Canadian citizens have the justified expectation that federal Cabinet appointments will represent Canadian values and interests, not foreign, backwards ones.
P.P.S. The reporter on this story, Maan Alhmidi, only came to Canada from Syria and Turkey in 2017.
These are 2 of the people stirring up the ‘Canadians are racist’ mantra…

   “Several ‘Black’ organizations {How ‘Black’ do you have to be to belong?} were denied federal funding through a program designed to help such groups build capacity — after Employment and Social Development Canada told them their leadership was not sufficiently ‘Black’…”

Spreading Racism{Nov.25, 2020}:
Desmond Cole is Toronto’s most notorious ‘Black’ race activist. Here, he explains his racist view of Canada to some ‘Black’ immigrants — and, of course, it’s the CBC providing him with the platform…

More Systemic Racism{Jan.15, 2021}:
Once again, this example of REAL systemic racism is enabled by Section 15(2) of the Charter of so-called ‘Rights’ and ‘Freedoms’:
   “The Trudeau government has announced that it will be investing $40 million into “home ownership opportunities” exclusively for ‘Black’ people.”

Playing Racial Favourites{Oct. 5, 2020}:
   “If a nation is an extended family, then any programs initiated by the government should unite the family, not divide it.”
“The ‘Liberal’ {Party} government has announced plans for a ‘Black Entrepreneurship Program’ that will work with banks and other lending agencies to provide loans and other support for {only} ‘Black’ business people…”

Racist Selection Criteria{Nov.16, 2020}:
More ‘do-gooder’ racism, enabled by the Trojan Horse in the Charter – Section 15(2)…
   “On applications for fall 2021, students who identify as ‘Black’ {How ‘Black’ do they have to be?} or ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} and meet admission criteria, will bypass the regular selection lottery to enrol in the specialty program of their choice, according to a report released by the Peel school board…”

Why only ‘Black’ Muslims?{Oct. 8, 2020}:
Here we have the ‘Peel Regional Police’ honouring the ‘Resilience and Achievements of Black Muslims’. Are they not aware that Muslims come in all colours? Why only ‘Black’ Muslims?
P.S. To which ‘achievements’ are the ‘Peel Regional Police’ referring?
P.P.S. Malcolm X is on the police poster…along with Ilhan Omar!?!?!
P.P.S. This is yet another example of the politicization of our supposedly-neutral police forces…”

University Strikes Back Against Campus Political Correctness{September 7, 2016}:
“Our commitment to academic freedom means that we do not support so-called ‘trigger warnings’, we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial, and we do not condone the creation of intellectual ‘safe spaces’ where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own.”


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