This is a Canadian page, where we will examine the unpleasant subject of legal, institutional and cultural discrimination in Canada and its related cultures, and its extreme byproduct – Segregation.

The most visible expression of this is the Indian reserve system but in the last 40 years, the Quebec government has been vigorously promoting its own version, as well. The growing fractures — indeed, the multiplicity of ‘nations’ inside our country and the accompanying angry bigotry on all sides — are the result.

This page will attempt to explain and, optimistically, help to undermine the legal, historical and philosophical underpinnings of Segregation, so that we might proudly move into the future together — as the Nation of Canada.

DESCRIPTION: Literally millions of Canadians have been taught an ideologically-distorted version of Canadian history that, much like our Supreme Court, cherry-picks its way through historical documents in search of justification, not the truth. The antidote for this is, of course, the historical record and a thirst for knowledge.

We are going to try our hardest to have a rational, intelligent site that can also be used as a research tool. We will post edited excerpts on an ongoing basis — edited for brevity, but with source links. We encourage the posting of links, particularly in the ‘Comments’ under relevant posts, as this will add to their value — particularly for students.

We also plead with visitors to this page to please feel free to ‘Copy and Paste’ these excerpts into ‘Comment’ threads elsewhere. We don’t care about attributing it to us — just make sure that you include the attribution for the original source. Let’s please add some education into the emotion of our national debate.

We will limit any ‘preachy posts’ to only those that we feel are necessary to explain our philosophical position. In addition, we are not going to get into arguments with Segregationists on this page. Their justifications — whether Aboriginal, Quebecois, Muslim or other — are already in our school and university texts, and are steadily trumpeted by the CBC. We are simply going to demonstrate that the historical record does not support their bigoted, self-serving and ultimately divisive assumptions.


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