‘Say ‘NO’ to Segregation’

“It may be true that you can’t legislate integration, but you can legislate desegregation. Old Man Segregation is on his deathbed… But history has proven that social systems have a great last-minute breathing power, and the guardians of the status quo are always on hand with their oxygen tents, to keep the old order alive…
If democracy is to live, segregation must die.”
–Martin Luther King

One can’t help but note the almost-constant stories of Chief and Band council corruption and bullying on Canada’s segregated Aboriginal reserves.

By their very nature, Segregated communities are insular, incestuous places. Mistrust of the ‘Other’ is but a natural consequence of Segregation, and this very mistrust itself reinforces Segregation.

Since everyone inside the segregated community must — by definition — pull together, criticism of the community leadership is therefore frowned upon. The ensuing lack of critical input from the community — combined with a ‘stay out of our business’ attitude toward outside authority — often, one might even say inevitably, results in a corrupt and authoritarian leadership.

It will take vigorous OUTSIDE enforcement — and the cooperation of brave insiders — to start to break down the criminal structure on the inside, so that Canadians of Aboriginal descent can have the same rights and freedom from intimidation that other citizens have. The conversion of reserves into municipalities would certainly facilitate this development.

Abolish the Indian Act and the reserve system… Repeal Section 35…
Remove ‘special’ racial, ethnic and religious ‘rights’ from the Canadian Constitution..
Say ‘NO’ to Segregation…

See also:
Who’s Got the Money?{Nov.22, 2020}:
“A gathering at Ministikwan Lake Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,354 people}…sought to bring attention to allegations of fraud, theft and negligence directed at the community’s chief…and the Band’s manager…”

Chiefs in the News: Napoleon Mercredi’ (Saskatchewan) {Oct.9, 2019}:
“Napoleon Mercredi was Chief at Fond Du Lac Denesuline ‘First Nation’ {Fond du Lac Dene ‘Nation’, a ‘nation’ of 2,109 people} from 2009 to 2011. Over $400,000 was allegedly misappropriated during Mercredi’s time as chief…”

Reserve Residents Suffer Under Segregation{Aug.22, 2019}:
“What are your Chief and Council doing to combat drugs, alcohol and gangs on your ‘First Nations’ territory?”

Another Result of Reserve Dysfunction’ (Saskatoon Shooting/Onion Lake) {Feb.28, 2019}:
“Here is yet another repercussion of Canada’s segregated reserve system for aboriginals. Many reserves are simply drug and alcohol-infested ghettos where the rule of law and civil rights are often non-existent, and the lawlessness is spreading into Canadian cities…”

Silencing Opposition’ (Stoney Nakoda ‘First Nation’) {October 28, 2018}:
It’s bad enough that so many aboriginal reserve residents are being cheated and bullied by their Chiefs and councils. Now, Chiefs are trying to use Canadian courts to silence criticism of their conduct. Here are 2 examples…

Liard Update{May 11, 2018}:
I am currently being oppressed by c.c.of the liard first nation, watson lake, yukon territory, Canada, for being outspoken about a forensic audit and the corruption that’s destroying my first nation. So they keep me out of work. I live in deplorable conditions but refuse to be driven out of town; for that reason, my children also suffer.”
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