‘Ban the Burka’

This post was first published 5 years ago, on our Facebook page:

“It is a barrier in civic discourse. It also subverts public trust.”

“As a Muslim mother who never saw a niqab when I was growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, I am astonished to see Canada’s judiciary caving in to Islamists who have nothing but contempt for Canada’s values of gender equality.

“I write this as a Muslim Canadian who does not have any specific political leanings. But in the 25 years I have called Canada home, I have seen a steady rise of Muslim women being strangled in the pernicious black tent that is passed off to naïve and guilt-ridden white, mainstream Canadians as an essential Islamic practice. 

“The niqab and burka have nothing to do with Islam. They’re the political flags of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, ‘ISIS’, the ‘Taliban’, ‘al-Qaida’ and Saudi Arabia.

“Now, I learn I have not only to fight the medieval, theocratic adherents of my faith for a safe space for myself, I have to battle the Federal Court of Canada as well, which has come out on the side of these facemasks.

“The ruling concerns the case of Zunera Ishaq, a 29-year-old woman who emigrated to Canada from Pakistan in 2008. After previously showing her face to an immigration official in 2013 when taking her citizenship test, she refused to take part in the citizenship ceremony because she would have to show her face while taking the oath of citizenship.

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government rightly banned face masks at such ceremonies, but this was found to be unlawful by the Federal Court.

“With all due respect, let me introduce our Canadian judges to their Pakistani colleague in the jihadi badlands of Peshawar. In November 2004, the Chief Justice of the ‘Peshawar High Court’ (PHC), Tariq Pervaiz Khan, ordered female lawyers not to wear face veils in courtrooms, saying they couldn’t be identified, nor assist the court properly while wearing veils.

“He scolded the niqabi women, saying, 

“You are professionals”.

Covering the face is not a religious requirement for Muslim women. The injunction in the Qur’an is for modesty (for men and women). Some Muslim women interpret this as covering their head with a scarf or ‘chador’.

“A scholar of Islamic history, Prof. Mohammad Qadeer of Queen’s University, Kingston, wrote in the ‘Globe and Mail’ in March, 2006: 

“The argument about concealing one’s face as a religious obligation, is contentious and is not backed by the evidence.”

“He added, 

“In Western societies, the niqab also is a symbol of distrust for fellow citizens and a statement of self-segregation.The wearer of a face veil is conveying: ‘I am violated if you look at me.’

“It is a barrier in civic discourse. It also subverts public trust.”

“The federal Liberals and NDP are treating Canada’s niqabis as a latter-day Rosa Parks, fighting for justice. This is ‘vote-bank’ politics that is, as my friend Tarek Fatah calls it, “sharia Bolshevism”.

“There is just one way forward: The next government must legislate the complete ban on wearing face masks in public, not just to expose the hypocrisy of the Islamists but for the sake of our security, as well.”

–‘Ban niqab, burka in all public places’,
Raheel Raza, Toronto Sun, September 15, 2015 
(Raza is President of ‘The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow’, author of “Their Jihad … Not my Jihad” and an international activist for women’s rights)

FEATURE Image: AAP Source: news.com.au
See also:
Original Post:Ban niqab, burka in all public places{September 17, 2015}: https://www.facebook.com/345805362190090/photos/a.350308008406492.1073741828.345805362190090/732790620158227/?type=3

Muslim Canadian Congress calls for a ban on burka{October 15, 2015}:
“… a Canadian Muslim group now wants the federal government to ban two kinds of garments – the burka and the niqab – worn by some Muslim women, and says the garments, which cover the face, have no basis in Islam.” https://www.facebook.com/345805362190090/photos/a.350308008406492.1073741828.345805362190090/744743672296255/?type=3

An Open letter to Niqab-Supporting Western Media:
“As a woman born and raised in Islam, Saudi Arabia to be precise, I have seen more forced modesty, oppression and caning of women over their bodies than you can imagine. I had hoped my family would escape at least one disturbing visual symbol of female subjugation, when we immigrated to the secular country of Canada. That symbol being the niqab, a full face veil. It’s a complete erasure of women from the public sphere, a prohibition on the basic human right of having a face when relating to others… It is a blatant reminder of how some men view women as a possession, something to be hidden away from public gaze and ‘kept’ for their sole enjoyment. That is the niqab’s only purpose.” https://www.facebook.com/345805362190090/photos/a.350308008406492.1073741828.345805362190090/736462939790995/?type=3

You’d Be Severely Beaten’ (Hijab and Fashion Industry):
“When Alicia Keys romanticizes the niqab under the banner of diversity, she promotes the most savage and barbaric Arab tribalism that sees women as something to be possessed and contained. When I see good-intentioned people call ‘primitivism’ beautiful, that’s as offensive as someone saying American slave history was ‘beautiful and diverse’… ‘The niqab has no place in American society. It should never be entertained, let alone glorified.”

Iran, 1979’ (Photo):
“Women protesting the forced wearing of the hijab, days after the revolution in Iran, 1979.”

Forcing Hijabs On International Competitors{October 31, 2016}:
“Nazi Paikidze, a US chess champion, declared that she will boycott the world championship in Iran because she thinks nobody can force her to wear a hijab and thinks it’s against basic fundamental rights of a woman to be forced. The 2017 contest will have a compulsory Islamic dress code…”

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