‘Another Result of Reserve Dysfunction’

Here is yet another repercussion of Canada’s segregated reserve system for aboriginals. Many reserves are simply drug and alcohol-infested ghettos where the rule of law and civil rights are often non-existent, and the lawlessness is spreading into Canadian cities: 

“A man was found not guilty of attempted murder, but guilty on lesser charges including assault with a weapon, after a downtown shooting involving Saskatoon police in September 2017. A Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench judge found Mike Arcand, 35, also guilty of four other gun-related offences in connection to the incident that caused chaos on 4th Avenue South…

“In his decision, Justice Jeff Kalmakoff said he did not believe the reliability or credibility of Arcand’s testimony during the trial. He said video exhibits also discredited Arcand’s testimony. 

“On the afternoon of Sept. 27, 2017, Arcand said he sat in a parking lot along 4th Avenue South waiting for his girlfriend to finish her school day at ‘Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies’ (SIIT). It was then he discovered a homemade gun he had forgotten about and built while living on the Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 6,393 people}. Arcand testified he had assembled it by watching videos, and with various parts, in his yard.

“It was for his own protection, he told court, and to safeguard young children in the home against gangs that were out of control on the ‘First Nation’ {aboriginal community}.

“He told court at some point, with the weapon in hand, his car door shut and he realized he was locked out of his vehicle as he stood in the parking lot. Arcand, who had been up for two days on meth, said he panicked about what police would find inside the car so he smashed his own driver-side window, ingested drugs and grabbed shotgun shells for the slam gun. Reports poured into police of a man trying to break into vehicles.

“When the canine unit arrived, Arcand said he told the officer it was his own vehicle and told court he was terrified of the dog, having been bit twice before. So he ran, thinking he would dump the gun, go to the school and everything could be explained away – but he didn’t.

“The doors to SITT were locked and he was swarmed by police. A bean-bag gun was deployed and Tasers plunged into his leather jacket. According to Arcand, he flinched and that’s when his gun went off. He continued to flee on foot with police in hot pursuit. He shot at a police dog and was finally taken down by four shots and the canine…

“On the stand, Arcand admitted to knowing the slam gun could kill someone if shot at close range. The Crown pointed out that multiple times, Arcand could have just surrendered.

“His sentencing is expected to take place on April 24. Crown prosecutor Todd Wellsch said the Crown will seek a prison sentence in excess of four years.”

–‘Mike Arcand not guilty of attempted murder, guilty on other charges in Saskatoon shooting’,
Rebekah Lesko and Thomas Piller, Global News, February 7, 2019
Feature PHOTO: Arrest of Michael Arcand (CBC News)


I’m not a violent person“,
he added, before admitting to previous assault convictions.
“Michael Arcand, the Edmonton man on trial for the attempted murder of a Saskatoon police officer, says his homemade gun went off accidentally and that he never meant to hurt anybody.

“Arcand, 35, testified at his own trial Friday at Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench. The Crown alleges that Arcand (a member of Alberta’s Alexander ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,264 people}) meant to kill Sgt. Grant Linklater during a brief but tense standoff on a pedestrian-heavy stretch of downtown Saskatoon in September 2017.

“The trial has heard that Arcand was wielding two metal pipes that, when slammed together, form what Arcand called a “slamfire shotgun“. Witnesses have recalled Arcand “pumping” the weapon several times as police officers and a canine-unit dog surrounded him. At one point, as Arcand refused orders to stand down, officers fired at him with both a Taser and a beanbag shotgun…

“Arcand’s girlfriend was a student at the ‘Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies’ (SIIT) downtown campus. The couple drove to Saskatoon early on the morning of Sept. 27 in their Ford station wagon.

“Arcand admitted to using cocaine and methamphetamine during the trip and in Saskatoon the day of the standoff. Under his driver’s seat lay the homemade weapon.

“Taking his cues from a YouTube video, Arcand had made the weapon out of parts salvaged from his girlfriend’s yard in Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’: one bar from a bike, another from an old trampoline.

“The shotgun shells recovered by police from the barrel pipe and Arcand’s clothing came from the attic. The weapon was protection against a gang that had threatened Arcand’s life in Onion Lake, he told the court…

“A cellphone video taken by a bystander, who cannot be identified, was played in court Friday. It showed Arcand refusing to stand down as he grasped his weapon. He passed a red dumpster, but still walked on with his weapon…

“I’m not a violent person”, 

he added, before admitting to previous assault convictions.

“Arcand then recounted the rest of the standoff, which ended when he rounded a street corner and was shot in the shoulder and hand by a police officer.

“There was no intent to try to hurt anybody”,
he said.

“Arcand did try, unsuccessfully, to shoot his gun at the police dog, but only to defend himself, he said. He also admitted to reloading his pipe gun while fleeing police…”

–‘Man on trial for attempted police murder says homemade gun went off by accident during standoff’,
Guy Quenneville, CBC News, Feb. 01, 2019


More on Onion Lake:
“After multiple wins in court, Charmaine Stick, an activist from Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’, and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) have successfully forced Onion Lake’s leaders to publish the band’s basic financial information.

“I was so excited to read the financial statements, but then I’d get so mad I’d have to take a break and cool off”,
said Stick.
“Our chief gave himself a nice raise while lots of people on the reserve are struggling. Now that we have the numbers, our leaders are going to have to start answering tough questions.”

“The documents show that Chief Wallace Fox made $123,000 in 2015 and got a raise of $27,692 for a total of $150,692 in 2016. The national average for a chief’s salary is $58,856.

“Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ is on the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta. There are 6,393 members of the Onion Lake Cree Nation with 3,893 living on reserve. The average income is $17,528.

“The documents also show the Band invested $1 million in a technology partnership and another $404,795 in a technology corporation. Both investments were written down to a value of $1 each. While the documents don’t specify the nature of the failed investments, the timing and amounts correlate with Chief Fox’s controversial decision to invest in a troubled New Zealand tech company.

Chief Fox has consistently refused to provide financial transparency. He went to court to block the ‘First Nations’ Financial Transparency Act, which requires bands to publish consolidated financial statements as well as the salaries and expenses paid to chief and council, even though 99% of Bands have published financial documents as required. The federal government has stopped enforcing the act…

“The CTF partnered with Stick to launch a court application to get her leaders to publish basic financial documents as required by the ‘First Nations’ Financial Transparency Act. The Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan ruling issued on June 15, 2017, ordered Onion Lake to publish basic financial documents, but Band leaders appealed. On Mar. 26, 2018, the Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the decision requiring transparency.

“Charmaine Stick and every other grassroots member of every ‘First Nation’ {aboriginal community} in Canada has the right to know what their leaders are doing with their money”,
said Todd MacKay, the CTF’s Prairie Director.
“The Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal have upheld that right and so will any other court in the country.

“Charmaine’s gone to band meetings, she’s gone on a hunger strike, she’s gone to court and we’re so proud that she’s now gotten these documents to show her neighbours so they can hold their leaders accountable.”

–‘First Nations activist forces Onion Lake Cree Nation to provide financial transparency’,
Todd MacKay, Taxpayer.com, April 30, 2018



See also:
Where Has All The Money Gone?{November 16, 2016}:
“A resident of the Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 5,032 people and “The country’s top oil producing ‘First Nation’”} is launching a court application to try to get answers about how her Band is spending its money.”

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