‘Go Home and Rebuild Your Own Country’

“Denmark’s immigration minister Inger Støjberg, a proud nationalist, has ordered Somali migrants to go home and work on making their own country great again after the Danish government ruled parts of Somalia are now safe.

If you no longer need our protection and your life and health are no longer at risk in your home country, and specifically in Somalia, you must of course return home and rebuild the country from which you came”,
Ms. Støjberg said.

Denmark’s migration minister Inger Støjberg. (Getty Images)

“Since the Immigration Service began its review of refugee residency permits, nearly 1,000 Somalis have had their Danish residency permit revoked, reports the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

“Denmark amended its Immigration Act in 2015 to cancel the automatic right to asylum for applicants from countries like Somalia. As a result, the Immigration Service announced in autumn 2016 that it would use the new legal basis to review about 1,200 residence permits given to Somalis because of changes to “general conditions” in parts of their country, whereby 

there is no longer a basis for asylum simply because they come from there”.

“Unlike neighbouring Germany and Sweden, Denmark has taken a tough line on asylum and integration since the Syrian conflict sparked Europe’s migrant crisis in 2015. In October, Ms Støjberg rejected EU efforts to impose migrant quotas, saying “too few contribute” to the workforce — Denmark being known as a country with a high cultural value work ethic. 

Denmark’s immigration minister Inger Støjberg

“She is hardly a rogue element in the Danish government, with her rejection of the migrant quota being echoed the following month by the country’s prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who said that it was “wrong” to force European Union member states to take asylum seekers.

The country has also introduced a series of integration programmes to stop Muslim migrants forming ghettoes, including telling migrants in high-ethnic neighbourhoods that their children must attend daycare from the age of one to learn Danish values or the parents face losing social security benefits.

“In further efforts to foster integration, the government also vowed to demolish 1,000 houses in the Vollsmose migrant ghetto and relocate residents, after Prime Minister Rasmussen promised a nationwide crackdown on 

“parallel societies and the counter-cultures within”.

–‘Danish Minister Tells Somalis ‘Go Home’ and ‘Rebuild Your Own Country’,
Baxter Dmitry, NewsPunch, December 19, 2018


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“The ‘European Union’ has announced legal proceedings against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic in a move that threatens to deepen the EU’s east-west divide over ‘migration’ policy. The move against the three eastern member states by the ‘European Commission’ came after they refused to accept any ‘migrants’ {‘young Muslim males’} as part of an EU-wide relocation plan…”

Little Mogadishus{August 20, 2017}:
“Each time news breaks of a stabbing or shooting, she and her neighbours clench: Let it not be Somali. They dread what has become all too common, another name added to the long list of men from the community lost to violence…”

Sweden Still Avoiding The Truth{September 24, 2017}:
“What won’t you see in this book? You won’t see the Muslim violence in Sweden’s public libraries, which has increased so dramatically in the last couple of years that many librarians are looking for other jobs…”
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