‘Norway: No Tolerance for Segregation’

“Prime Minister Erna Solberg said she would not hire someone wearing a niqab, as migrants should integrate into western societies…

“We believe we should see each other’s faces in the workplace.”

“‘Progress Party’ leader Siv Jensen gave a fiery speech…kicking off the battle for the electorate’s vote ahead of general election in September this year. 

“The Finance Minister, whose party is in a coalition government with the Conservatives, warned uncontrolled immigration and lack of integration were a great threat to the liberal country’s peaceful way of life

“Citing the turmoil in neighbouring Sweden, which she claimed could spread across the border if the government failed to maintain a strict immigration policy, Ms Jensen said:

“Lack of integration can divide our country.

“The experiences from our closest neighbouring country should be a wake-up call for most of us.

“Lawless neighbourhoods, inner justice, violence and criminal activity and gang activity is a testament to a completely failed integration and immigration policy.” 

“The cabinet member also attacked critics who ridiculed her for warning against Swedish neighbourhoods becoming lawless eight years ago.

“In 2009, I warned against this development during a visit to the hard-hit neighbourhood of Rosengard in Malmo,” Ms Jensen continued.

“I was meeting with mockery and massive criticism. Some even said the ‘Progress Party’ shouldn’t discuss immigration policy but stood firm during the storm and time has shown those warnings were entirely justified.

“When ‘NRK’ journalist Anders Magnus reported from Rinkeby, another hard-hit Swedish neighbourhood in May last year, he was attacked with stones.”

“Continuing her speech, the…politician added her party would never allow “Swedish conditions” to flourish in Norway. 

“Ms Jensen said:

“Like Rosengard, the areas are turning into parallel societies, with their own sets of norms and rules, and where criminals have taken over the public sphere, where religious extremism is commonplace.

“Swedish conditions are not an alternative for Norway as long as the ‘Progress Party’ has a say in the matter.”

“Swedish authorities have repeatedly warned they do not have enough resources to cope with the “unprecedented” influx of {mainly-Muslim} migrants to the country.

Since the {Muslim} migrant crisis {‘invasion’} began in 2015, the liberal nation has seen a surge in violence and criminal activity, with police placing more than 50 areas on a “no-go zone” list.

“In a report by Sweden’s ‘National Criminal Investigation Service’, which was published last year, attacks on officers are detailed, including police cars being stoned by masked groups.

“At the time, National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson said he needed a further 4,100 officers and specialist staff to deal with the surge in incidents since {invading} ‘migrants’ entered the nation in their thousands.

“Since then, police have warned the force is facing an existential crisis with on average three police officers handing in their resignations a day, with an estimated 1,000 officers quitting in 2016.”

–‘We won’t end up like no-go zone Sweden’ – Norway MP warns of mass migration dangers’,
LIZZIE STROMME, Express (U.K.), Jan. 4, 2017


Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug.

“In September, 2016, the Norwegian government announced plans to grant the police an additional £10 million to forcibly remove failed ‘asylum seekers’ {‘invaders’} by the end of 2017.

“The grant came after police were tasked with removing 9,000 migrants by the end of 2016, as the country deals with the deepening crisis.

“State Secretary Fabian Stang confirmed on Friday the number of deportations were at the highest number ever, up five per cent from figures in 2015, when the crisis began.

“Mr Stang, who is secretary for Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug, told NRK:

“This is a figure that shows that there have been many who do not have a legitimate claim to asylum who have stayed here and failed to leave the country, and that’s why it is necessary for the police to do the work they have done throughout the year.”

“It’s always brutal when one is forced to use the police to get people to do what they are required to.” {The invaders have no respect for your laws…}

“Despite 2016 being hailed as a successful year, police failed to reach the government’s target of deporting 9,000 illegal immigrants by December 31, with just 7,312 being deported by the end of November.

“More than a fourth of those who were forced to leave the country had criminal records and were from Poland, Romania and Lithuania.
{And the rest were Muslim? Why won’t you say it?}

“Last year, the ‘Police Immigration Service’ (PIS) expelled 7,825 ‘migrants’ from the Scandinavian country…

“Announcing the additional funds for police, Ms Listhaug said:

“Deportation is a highly-prioritised task.

“In the state budget for 2017, we have proposed to use an additional 105 million [Norwegian Kroner] on deportation for 2017.

“We are maintaining a high figure, although the number of asylum seekers has decreased.”

“It comes as Prime Minister Erna Solberg said she would not hire someone wearing a niqab, as migrants should integrate into western societies.

“Speaking ahead of an integration conference in October, she said:

“[They] would probably not get a job from me or many others if [they] were wearing a niqab.

“We believe we should see each other’s faces in the workplace.”

–‘Norway’s SUCCESSFUL crackdown on illegal migrants as record numbers deported in 2016’,
LIZZIE STROMME, Express (U.K.), Jan. 1, 2017


Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug.

“…Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug vowed to do everything in her power to stop migrants coming to Norway, as experts predict more than 8,000 people will seek asylum in 2017.

“On Tuesday, the Immigration Minister also posted on social media that newcomers to the country would not dictate terms, saying that in Norway

“we drink, and eat pork”.

“Ms Listhaug said:

“I believe those who come to Norway must integrate into our society.

“Here we eat pork, drink alcohol and show our face. One must abide by the values, laws and regulations we have in Norway when one comes here.” …

— ‘It’s about security’ Norway ‘tells EU borders will REMAIN closed’ amid migrant crackdown’,
LIZZIE STROMME, Express (U.K.), Oct. 19, 2016


Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

“Speaking ahead of an integration conference on Tuesday, Erna Solberg declared foreigners coming to the Scandinavian country need integrate to its culture and customs…

“The PM said the government had no plans to ban anyone from practicing their religion at work, but that it was important for Norway to set clear boundaries.

“Mrs Solberg added:

“Niqab and burka is a very small problem in Norway, but there are some who wear it.

I experience it as a political statement from those who wear it, [who] wish to challenge the boundaries in Norwegian society. And so we must enforce some limits.

You can do what you want on your time off, but in the workplace it is a given we want to see each other’s faces.”

“During the conference on Tuesday, both the PM and Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug underlined that migrants are expected to adjust into Norwegian way of life

“Speaking to ‘Dagbladet’, the Immigration Minister also said that employers would be less likely to hire someone covering their faces.

“Ms Listhaug said:

“It is doubtful that employers would hire people they can’t see. You can’t work in a store with a covered face. I doubt customers would find it appealing.”

–‘Norway PM blasts she would NOT hire someone wearing niqab as migrants should integrate’,
LIZZIE STROMME, Express (U.K.), Oct. 19, 2016


Sylvi Listhaug said the move would stop asylum seekers from disappearing off the radar.

“Norway has put forward hardline proposals to arrest and jail ‘migrants’ who file groundless asylum applications, it was revealed today.

“Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug said the move would stop refugees disappearing while their application was being looked into.

“She said:

Police will now have the opportunity to arrest and detain groundless asylum seekers who come here and get a fast-tracked application process.

“We see that groundless asylum seekers are disappearing while police are processing the applications. This will stop them from running away and possibly ending up in a criminal environment.”

“In January, 2004, Norway launched a so-called 48-hour procedure to get fewer asylum seekers from countries it deems safe.

“The scheme requires all ‘migrants’ who have baseless applications to have their case processed within two days and it was put into force after mass immigration from Eastern Europe in the early 2000s.

“The justice department has now put forward a bill that calls for asylum seekers who fall within the 48-hour procedure to be jailed while their application is processed.

“Oslo will present the bill to Parliament today and it is expected to be passed as it has already secured a majority vote from the coalition parties.

“Ms Listhaug said the bill was needed as 90 of the 537 asylum-seekers who had their applications fast-tracked last year disappeared off the radar.

“She said:

We don’t know where 90% of them are and so we cannot send them out [of the country].”

–‘Norway gets tough: Government will JAIL migrants who file ‘groundless asylum applications’’,
LIZZIE STROMME, Express (U.K.), Apr 5, 2016


Chief Haetta.

“A police chief in Norway has demanded the Government grants officers the authority to close the borders to curb the increasing ‘migrant’ flow.

“Ellen Katrine Hætta has called for the power to shut the border before the migrant stream from Russia rockets again like it did last autumn {2015}.

“The call for increased police power comes after Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug announced she plans to implement “Europe’s strictest immigration policy” in Norway.

“Ms Hætta’s demand are in line with the Immigration Ministers planned migrant policy in Norway.

“She said:

“It should be made clear whether or not [police] are supposed to physically stop the border crossing.

“With the autumn’s experiences fresh in mind, it will in our opinion be necessary to investigate the possibility of physically closing the border for a period based on a safety assessment, and that this authority is considered assigned the chief.”

“The planned changes to the immigration law would see asylum seekers who are not entitled to assessment are rejected at the border.

This would include people who have already been granted asylum or protection in another country, or have travelled to Norway through a country where the person was not in danger.

“The police chief pointed out that expelling asylum seekers must happen before they have crossed the border to Norway.

“Ms Hætta also wants police to be fully equipped with new protocols instructing them on how do deal with the increasing flow of migrants from Russia.

“The calls for power to close the border comes after it was revealed that Norway needs more than 850 new officers to stop migrants from entering the country.

“Earlier this week, Ms Listhaug told the Government she wants Norway to

“implement the strictest migrant policy in Europe”.

“Police were open to the Immigration Minister’s suggestions but said they would need more resources to implement the purposed law changes.

“Supporting the police chief’s claim, the Government said they were open to allowing officers to banish migrants at the border.

“Ms Listhaug’s proposal to halt migration included stricter rules for family reunification so that the applicant must have worked or been in education in Norway for at least four years before the reunification can take place.

“The official also wanted to limit visa freedom for asylum seekers so they can be expelled from the border without having their applications processed, and migrants coming with transit visas across the border from Russia will not be able to get asylum.

“In addition, it was also suggested that unaccompanied asylum seekers could only have a temporary residence permit until they turn 18.

“Oslo Police district said in a statement:

“In our view, the proposed changes will mean that police officers are required to make assessments that have traditionally [have been made by others than] police personnel.

“[To implement this] it must be required that personnel providing this service have a minimum expertise in the field of immigration.”

–‘Norway police chief demands officers granted power to expel migrants at the border’,
LIZZIE STROMME, Express (U.K.), Apr 5, 2016


Afghans Coming From Russia. (Photo: Thomas Nilsen)

“Adverts have been posted in two Afghani newspapers in a bid to crush what Norway’s justice ministry believes is a view the country is a soft touch for migrants.

“They warn those who fail in their bid for asylum will be forcibly removed to Kabul without the right to appeal…

Norway is fronting the campaign with warnings of strict immigration policies, including saying those who are denied asylum will be returned by force.

“Anundsen added:

“By publicising our asylum policy we can avoid people embarking on dangerous journeys that strain Europe’s resources, just to be returned to Afghanistan.”

“The warning campaign was officially launched in ‘The Afghanistan Times’ and ‘Hasht-e-sub’ and the adverts have already had a positive effect according to the justice minister…

“In November, the Government created a ‘Facebook’ page called “Stricter asylum regulations” in Norway, and its posts, translated into Russian, Pashto, Dari, Arabic and English, have been seen by almost one million viewers.”

–‘Government places ads in Afghan papers warning asylum seekers will be ‘returned by force’’,
LIZZIE STROMME, Express (U.K.), Apr 5, 2016


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