‘Race-Based Censorship’

“Journalist Candis McLean…came to Regina in November to promote her book “When Police Become Prey: The Cold Hard Facts of Neil Stonechild’s Freezing Death”. The book sparked controversy because it criticizes the findings of a public inquiry that cast blame on two Saskatoon police officers {in the death of an aboriginal youth}.

“McLean was to hold a book signing at ‘Chapters’ on Nov. 5 last year, but the store cancelled after learning protesters intended to show up. She re-booked with three different hotels, but each in turn cancelled due to the protest. In the end, McLean stood on the street in front of the ‘Quality Inn’ and spoke about her book. Signings planned for ‘Chapters/Indigo’ in her former hometown of Yorkton, as well as in Winnipeg, were also cancelled.

“In a statement of claim filed this week at ‘Regina Court of Queen’s Bench’, McLean is suing Michelle Stewart, an associate professor in the U of R’s Department of ‘Justice Studies’…

“The suit, prepared by Regina lawyer Tavengwa Runyowa, alleges Stewart launched a ‘Facebook’ campaign seeking support to have McLean’s book signings cancelled.
The suit contends Stewart’s post called the book

“racist garbage”

and created an event called “Cancel When Police Become Prey Book Signing”. The suit alleges Stewart’s actions incited other ‘Facebook’ users to “direct abusive comments” at McLean…

“The suit calls Stewart’s accusation of racism false and alleges she damaged McLean’s reputation.

“Ms. McLean is not, and has never been a racist,” reads the claim.

“It says McLean also lost money paid for travel, hotel rooms, and promotions, and that she suffered stress which impacted her health…

“It’s beyond belief one would trample on one’s human rights,” said McLean, characterizing her efforts as a fight for free speech.{Which it clearly is…}

–‘Author launches defamation suit against University of Regina professor’,
Barb Pacholik, Regina Leader-Post, April 14, 2017

Feature IMAGE: Candis McLean, author of ‘When Police Become Prey’, holds a copy of her book when in Regina last fall for a promotion tour that met with protest. (TROY FLEECE — REGINA LEADER-POST)





Former Saskatoon police chief Dave Scott.

Former Saskatoon police chief Dave Scott is asking for a review of how ‘Saskatchewan Justice’ handled the Neil Stonechild inquiry.

“Scott called for the review after the author of a controversial book on the Stonechild case said she has new evidence…

“She said she turned the information, including the man’s identity, over to the RCMP over a month ago and is waiting to hear from them…

“An inquiry concluded in 2004 that two Saskatoon police officers, Larry Hartwig and Brad Senger, had Stonechild in their custody that night, and both lost their jobs…”

–‘Dave Scott calls for review into Neil Stonechild inquiry’,
David Giles, Global News, April 20, 2017


Photo: CBC

“McLean alleges Stewart incited other ‘Facebook’ users to direct abusive comments at her and called her book “racist garbage“.

“Dr. Stewart accused Ms. McLean of racism,” reads the claim. “Dr. Stewart knew that the comments were false when she made them, or was indifferent to whether they were true or not.”

“The claim also alleges McLean lost money after the cancellations and caused

“significant stress that has materially impacted her health.”

–‘Author of book critical of Stonechild inquiry suing professor for defamation’,
CBC News, April 13, 2017


Michelle Stewart (Photo: U. Of Regina External Relations)

“In Saskatchewan this month, a ‘University of Regina’ associate professor, Dr. Michelle Stewart, organized protests against Candis McLean and her controversial book about the 1990 freezing death of an aboriginal youth.

(…McLean’s thesis is that the two Saskatoon police officers blamed for the boy’s death couldn’t have been involved.)

“McLean had speaking/signing events booked at a bookstore and three hotels in Regina, but one by one, all cancelled under threat of a scene, which is all it takes.

“As the professor wrote on ‘Facebook’ on Nov. 4,

“Hey folks, happy Friday night. We have ONE last hotel to contact to get rid of Candis McLean’s garbage book. … Join me in calling the Quality Inn ASAP… ”

“McLean complained to university president Dr. Vianne Timmons, and on Nov. 22, Timmons wrote back to say, alas, there was nothing to be done because academic staff have the freedom to speak on

“issues not related to the performance of their duties”

“Give Timmons some credit, in that she recognized the perplexing irony of her defending

“the right of one of the university faculty members to impede your (McLean’s) right to free speech and assembly.”

–‘Truth is, universities have never been champions of free speech’,
Christie Blatchford, National Post, November 25, 2016

Michelle Stewart
Associate Professor, Chair; Graduate Programs
BA (University of California Santa Cruz), MA (University of California Davis), PhD (University of California Davis)

“Michelle Stewart is an Associate Professor in the Department of Justice Studies where she teaches in the area of social justice and research methods. She received her PhD in Anthropology from the University of California Davis in 2011… Michelle is the Director of the Community Research Unit.”


(Photo: APTN)

Nov. 2016:
A promotional event in Regina for a book that examines “starlight tours” by police was moved to four different venues before the author cancelled her book-signing

“‘Starlight tour’ is the term that has been attached to allegations that police, after encountering intoxicated ‘indigenous’ {descendants of Siberian settlers} people, would drive them to the edge of the community and leave them there, ostensibly to walk back into the community and, in so doing, sober up.

“McLean’s book, “The Cold Hard Facts”, was released Nov. 28, 2015 with a launch in Saskatoon. Since then, the original publisher left the business and McLean has self-published the work…

“McLean’s book-signing event Saturday was cancelled after four venues backed out, including ‘Chapters’ and three hotels.

“I was stunned that people would yield to political pressure,” McLean said. “‘Chapters’ told me they couldn’t assure my safety.”

The ‘Saskatchewan Coalition Against ‘Racism’ released a statement Saturday, saying their group was pleased that McLean’s plans had been scuttled.

Her views about Neil Stonechild’s death are not welcome here,” the organization said.

(Image: APTN)

“Their formal protest was called off, but some people still went to the last place that was advertised for McLean’s event.

“Shortly after 4 p.m. CST, on the street in front of the ‘Quality Inn’, McLean said she met with people who had gathered there. She said about 20 people were there and one person had a sign which said,

“This book promotes racism.”

“It doesn’t at all,” McLean said. “I’m really just revealing evidence.”

“She said she ended up spending about 30 minutes talking to people and sold or gave away a few copies of her book.

“They were very reasonable,” she said. “The people I met were very open-minded and lovely … I felt perfectly safe out there.”

“McLean said she has become something of an advocate for the officers involved and understands how people may perceive that.

“They felt I was defending cops who had done something wrong,” she said. “And I said, ‘You’ve got to read the book’.”

“She said she has spent over ten years researching the events that led to the ‘Stonechild Inquiry’ and examined the work of the inquiry itself.

“I try to show people, ‘Look. We goofed,'” she said about the findings from the inquiry. “The received wisdom on this topic needs to be re-examined.”

“McLean said the controversy about her book event has led to some welcome publicity.

“It probably did help, in an interesting way,” she said. “Of course [the book] is going to be protested. It goes against the grain.”

“McLean said she has pored over extensive records associated with the inquiry and spoken to people who, she believes, should have been called as witnesses. She said their recollections put a different light on the events.

“I believe the people who ran the public inquiry hid material that should have been revealed,” she said.

“McLean, who is based in Calgary, has worked at a number of newspapers and periodicals and is currently working on another book that examines another angle to the ‘starlight tours’ controversy…

“The ‘Coalition Against ‘Racism’ group {See below…}, also known as SCA‘R’, said McLean’s interpretation of the controversy is an ‘unwelcome’ attempt to downplay the history of ‘starlight tours’.

“She is attempting to retell the story of the starlight tours and ‘racialized’ policing,” Michelle Stewart, who works with SCA‘R’, said. “‘Our’ community rejected that attempt.”

–‘Book that examines ‘starlight tours’ attracts protests’,
CBC News, Nov 05, 2016


Brad Senger (L) and Larry Hartwig (R) (Photo: GORD WALDNER —

From 2006:
“Two fired Saskatoon police officers connected by an inquiry to the case of an aboriginal teenager who was found frozen to death will not get their jobs back.

“Larry Hartwig and Brad Senger found out Tuesday they had lost an appeal of their 2004 dismissal from the Saskatoon police service.

“The 2004 inquiry into the death of 17-year-old Neil Stonechild concluded Stonechild was in custody of police the night he died. Stonechild’s frozen body was later found on the outskirts of the city in November 1990.

“The two men denied any involvement and say they had no contact with Stonechild…”

–‘2 fired officers in Stonechild case won’t get jobs back’,
CBC News, Nov 01, 2006


The ‘Saskatchewan Coalition Against ‘Racism’ is another Communist/Globalist front organization, perverting ‘racism’ and ‘social justice’ for their political ends…

Background: ‘Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR)’
“We struggle against all forms of systematic and structural discrimination based on a person’s colour, race, language, national or ethnic origin, descent, class, gender, religious beliefs, mental and physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, or family constellation {?}.”

They are connected to
‘Idle No More’
“Idle No More and ‘Defenders of the Land’, a network of ‘Indigenous’ communities in land struggle, have joined together to issue this common call for escalating action.”

‘INCITE! Women, Gender Non-Conforming, and Trans people of Color Against Violence’
“INCITE! is a nation-wide {U.S.} network of radical ‘feminists of color’ working to end violence against women, gender non-conforming, and trans people of color, and our communities.”

and the international Communist ‘No One is Illegal’:
“‘No One is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories’ is a grassroots anti-colonial migrant justice group with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized backgrounds. We strive and struggle for the right to remain, the freedom to move, and the right to return. As a movement for self-determination that challenges the ideology of immigration controls, we combat racial profiling, detention and deportation, the national security apparatus, law enforcement brutality, and exploitative working conditions of migrants.

“We also place ourselves within the broader movement for social, economic, political, and environmental justice and oppose capitalism, colonialism, homophobia, imperialism, militarization, patriarchy, poverty, racism and other forms of domination.”

See also:
Race Activists Stir The Pot’ (Saskatchewan Murder) {August 24, 2016}:

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