‘Feminists Eating Their Own’

“With her book “The Veiled Threat”, dealing with the plight of Muslim women in Europe…Zana Ramadani has kicked the Islamist hornets’ nest in Germany. Being born a Muslim herself, Ramadani is fearful of her life after receiving countless death threats from radical Muslims in Germany. German authorities have not granted her police protection yet.

“Ramadani gained public prominence in Germany five years ago when she founded the German chapter of the radical feminist group ‘Femen’. Once a darling of the Left, Ramadani quickly fell out of favour with German liberals once she started criticising the oppression of women within Islam. Her fellow feminists accused her of being a ‘racist’ and forced Ramadani out of the group which she founded.

“I have a problem with certain kinds of Feminists,” Ramadani says. “Those who talk about women’s solidarity, but don’t practice it in reality. They only regard White Western male as the source of all evil and that he needs to be criticised without any inhibitions, but when it comes to criticising those belonging to other cultures…one automatically gets labelled as racist.”

“Ramadani’s profile as a critic of Islam makes her a prime target of Islamist intimidation and terror. Fellow German-Egyptian author Hamed Abdel-Samad has been living as a hunted man in Germany for years — forced to live under constant police protection.

German-Egyptian author Hamed Abdel-Samad

“While Ramadani continues to receive rape and murder threats, German feminists are nowhere to be seen. Feminism isn’t about the rights of women anymore, just as ‘Black Lives Matter’ isn’t about civil rights and the ‘Green Party’ isn’t about ecology. These are political platforms hijacked by the ‘Alinskyite’ Left to be used as battering rams against its arch-enemy: Western Civilisation.

“The Left sees itself in a self-declared ‘Jihad’ against the West, which it considers the source of all injustices and suffering in the world. So when ex-Muslims like Ramadani draw attention to the plight of women under Islam, Western feminists rush to gag them from speaking out, lest they subvert the Left’s “Social Justice” game plan. All the Leftist solidarity with ‘women and minorities’ evaporates as soon as one of them starts questioning the anti-Western narrative. For the Left, diversity doesn’t go any deeper than skin pigmentation and gender. The true diversity that really counts — the diversity of thought — is met with utter contempt by the Left.

“Ex-‘Femen’ activist Ramadani still sticks to many of her Leftist beliefs, but the process of getting mugged by reality has forced her to act like a conservative — at least for the time being. With German police denying her the protection she requires, Ramadani has applied for a gun licence. Hopefully, German authorities won’t deny Ramadani her right to defend herself.

Germans protesting the New Year’s Eve 2015 mass sexual assaults , ‘Rapefugees Not Welcome’, January 9, 2016 in Cologne. (Image source: Getty Images)

“Ramadani’s book is arguably the harshest indictment of Islam to be published in Europe in recent years. Just weeks following its release, the book has become a nationwide bestseller in Germany. Austrian newspaper ‘Kronen Zeitung’ writes:

In her book and related interviews, the 33 year-old [Ramadani] harshly criticises Muslim mothers. She makes a case — partially in strong words — for a ban on the full-face veil, as well as having feminism courses for Muslim women, and less tolerance towards Islam.

The author describes the headscarf as “the shroud of death for a free society” and explains that a Muslim women who wears a headscarf regards herself superior to other [women]. “She says: I am better than you”. The headscarf wearer displays her political conviction that men and women can not be equal.

According to experts, the responsibility for radicalised young Muslims — beside institutions like the mosques and Islamic organisations — rests with the [Muslim] mothers.

“The daughters are brought up as spineless lemmings and the sons as princes,” the author said while criticising Islamic upbringing in an interview given to the German newspaper ‘Die Welt’.

“The sons can sell drugs, get violent, that’s not a problem for the mothers — family honour doesn’t diminish doing all that. However, the virginity of the daughter has to be maintained at all costs.” Otherwise the mothers have failed and brought dishonour to the family, says Ramadani in a conversation with the Swiss newspaper ‘Sonntags Zeitung’. [Author’s translation]

–‘German-Muslim Author Faces Death Threats After Publishing Book Critical of Islam’,
Vijeta Uniyal, Legal Insurrection, April 11, 2017


VIDEO: German-Egyptian Hamed Abdel-Samad on his book ‘The Case Against Mohammad’:

“My mother was sort of a rebel herself. She married my father with her own choice against her parent’s will. But then when I was seven, my family moved to Germany and then she slowly started to radicalize. I guess Islam was the only thing she held on to in a country that wasn’t her own and she used it as a comfort blanket,” says Ramadani…

“I see the same thing happening with second and third generation Turkish women living in Germany. They are far more judgmental and bigoted than their mothers who moved here. They almost refuse to integrate, cling on to their hijabs and this romantic notion about Islam.”

“Ramadani also points out to a culture of “overcompensating” that has reared its head in politically correct Germans.

“Because of the mistakes of our past, there is this ‘German Angst’ that makes us excuse everything Muslims do. We allow little girls to turn up for Kindergarten with hijabs on. We are okay when they walk out of biology classes because they cannot see male anatomy or reproductive organs in a book. We allow them to skip out on sports in school because religion forbids them to wear a certain outfit. We are so afraid of being told we are ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’ that we shut up about everything and file it under ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’.” …

“Young German women are almost apologetic about their femininity and quite prudish about showing skin”, she says, looking around the coffee shop. “Older German women embrace their femininity and are unafraid to show off some cleavage and curves. I still get flak from upper class young German feminists for my topless protests.”

“When asked what her conservative Muslim mother thought about these protests, the mood changes.

“I had to run away my home. I haven’t spoken to my mother in years…”

“This problem of women controlling, judging and debasing other women through religion and morality came into light in Pakistan when Qandeel Baloch was murdered and the biggest critics and supporters of her murder were in fact Pakistani women. Ramadani is currently writing a book that details how powerful a Muslim mother is and how dangerous and criminal she can be — for generations — if she is radicalized.

“As a politician, Ramadani’s views on refugees have also been considered controversial.

“I don’t think learning Deutsche is the only way to integrate Syrian refugees within German society. Syrian women should learn the history and struggles of European women’s rights. They should know what liberties and laws are there to protect them once they are here. They should be taken for sightseeing and shown all the beautiful places in the city,” says Ramadani who feels women, especially mothers, are the key to good integration.

“When I ask her what advice she can give to Pakistani women who still struggle with equal rights, Ramadani says:

“Be self-critical and question everything you believe in. Ask yourself why you trust a certain idea or concept? Don’t be afraid to question the opinion of your family, religion or society.”

–‘Zana Ramadani on Muslim mothers, modern feminism and the refugee crisis’,
Saba Khalid, Linked In, October 30, 2016


Taharrush Jamai

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